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There has been a fair few rumours flying around that it is illegal to buy electronic cigarettes online in Australia.

Thankfully, this isn’t actually the case. You CAN buy vaporizers, e-cigarettes and liquids which contain nicotine if you live in Australia. However, it’s not quite as easy as it is for the rest of the world. Australian vapers, have to follow guidelines and considerations before ordering vaporizers via international post. The guidelines also include ordering less than a 3-month supply of liquids that must be for personal use only.

Who to Buy From

Some brands such as VaporFi and VeppoCig understand just how awkward the process of obtaining a vaporizer in Australia is, so they’ve made it easier than ever with their simple process.

  • Choose from a wide variety of vaping devices. They offer amazing starter kits for first time vapers and advanced vapers alike.
  • Choose your e-liquid flavour and strength.
  • Ensure your order is kept to a maximum of a 3-month supply.
  • Wait for your shipment to arrive.

Vapor Kings – All e-liquid nicotine is shipped straight from their lab in the US and sent straight to your doorstep in under 10 business days.

Vapo Australia – The masterminds behind Vapo Australia have made it easier and quicker than ever to get your hands on legal e-liquids containing nicotine. The e-liquids and related products are shipped from New Zealand and can be delivered within 3 working days.

So, why is buying nicotine vaporizer so difficult in Australia?

Australian law dictates that it is illegal to sell, advertise or import nicotine vaping devices and related products which contain nicotine. This is why so many brands in Australia only sell vaporizers and products that do not contain nicotine or are intended for use with nicotine.

This is pretty bad news for smokers wanting to make a successful transition from traditional tobacco products to vaping. However, even though there is no local availability, many companies have made it easier than ever to order vaping products and have them delivered directly to your door.

Sadly, it’s still bad news for residents of Queensland, AU. New regulations have made it illegal to possess liquid nicotine even for personal use due to safety concerns. However, ordering from a reputable vaping brand will ensure that Queensland’s safety concerns are pretty much irrelevant. Sure, in the past devices have been known to deliver unreliable does of nicotine, leak or come in unsafe package. Yet there has been a heroic amount of innovation for vaping pens, e-cigarettes and Mod Box’s that these concerns are just outdated.