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So you want to get a new vaping mod, but want to get some advice beforehand. No prob… We have you covered! Our team of NASA engineers have scoured the internet in search of the best vape mods on earth that you can buy right here in Australia. If you don’t believe us, take a look for yourself. Simply click on the ‘learn more’ button and you’ll do just that – learn more! If you have questions, use the comment form below and we’ll have one of our aeronautic scientists reply back to you as soon as possible. And in case you’re wondering, we bought one of each of the following vape mods and had them shipped to Sydney so that we could provide you with accurate reviews. Enjoy!

9 Best Vape Mods in 2017

Enough small talk… Let’s get to our vape mod selection.

AussieVaping - Mods: VaporFi VAIO™

1. VaporFi VAIO™

Price: $105.59

The VAIO 57 watt temperature controlled vaping mod is our top choice for advanced personal vapourizers. This device is powered by an 18650 battery, comes equipped with a built-in tank, lets you know when your battery is low, and offers a convenient tank window to let you know when you’re running out of juice. VAOI, in case you’re wondering, stands for VaporFi All-in-One and this device certainly has it all in one. We chose this mod as the best for overall quality and reliability.

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AussieVaping - Mods: Joyetech Cuboid

2. Joyetech Cuboid

Price: $59.95

The Joyetech Cuboid is a mini mod that packs a big punch. It offers a 2400mAh battery, includes an OLED screen for monitoring performance, and is compatible with a number of atomizers. If you want something small that can fit into your pocket or purse with ease, the Cuboid is a great choice. Not to mention it’s moderately priced.

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AussieVaping - Mods: iStick PICO

3. iStick PICO

Price: $46.00

If you want a good mod at a decent price, the iStick PICO is an excellent option. Like the VaporFi VAIO, the PICO is temperature controlled and offers up to 75 watts of vaping power. Limitations include the small OLED viewing screen and that it is sold without a batter. It holds an 18650 battery and can quickly switch firing modes to match your vaping mood.

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AussieVaping - Mods: Kangertech Dripez

4. Kangertech Dripez

Price: $79.95

Kangertech’s Dripez 80 watt mod is an elaborate one, which may be its biggest downfall. Its awkward design not only made holding it uncomfortable, but when myself and my two colleagues repeatedly attempted to take it out of our pockets and put it back in, the device would catch. Other than the design, the Dripez is a powerful vapourizer that hits hard when you want it to and soft when you don’t.

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AussieVaping - Mods: Vaporesso Revenger

5. Vaporesso Revenger

Price: $84.95

If all you want is power, you found it with the Vaporesso Revenger 220 watt mod vapourizer. The puppy is strong and it produces some of the biggest clouds of the lot. It’s clear tank lets you know when it’s time to refill your e-liquid and its multiple colour options make the Revenger a fun mod to own. Its only major setback is its battery life. You’ll need to carry a charger with you if you want to hit this mod on your way home from work!

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AussieVaping - Mods: Innokin MVP4

6. Innokin MVP4

Price: $69.95

The MVP4 is the fourth installment of Innokin’s box mod series and this one packs a wallop. It features up to 100 watts of firing power, it’s temperature controlled, and it comes equipped with a 4500mAh internal battery. One of the best features of this lesser know vaporizer is its ability to let you vape and charge at the same time. For the money, you can probably find a better quality mod, but we were satisfied with the MVP4 enough to feature it here.

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AussieVaping - Mods: Halo Reactor

7. Halo Reactor

Price: $94.99

The Halo Reactor is a sub-ohm box mod that offers a sleek and modern design and if it weren’t for its steep price, this would be the perfect mod for those looking to start vaping seriously. The only off putting feature for advanced vapers, is its low wattage. Though the LED screen is small, it does offer the info you need to know about your device plus you can choose between four colour options.

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AussieVaping - Mods: Aspire NX75

8. Aspire NX75

Price: $65.00

The NX75 is a compact box mod by Aspire that lets you control the temperature and wattage with its intuitive five-button system. The customizable firing button profiles function lets you to heat ramp-up for a customizable vaping experience. This is a nice little mod for people who want to take their vaping habit to the next level at a reasonable price.

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AussieVaping - Mods: Smok Alien

9. Smok Alien

Price: $77.52

The Smok Alien is a nifty little mod that caters to an assortment of coil types and is equipped to hold two 18650 batteries that produce 220 watts of firing power. If the batteries were included we could have easily ranked the Smok Alien higher, but when considering the cost of buying two 18650s and having them posted to your home pushes this device’s price tag way up there. Not to mention, you really have to be a hardcore vaper to appreciate the power output of this mod. It’s a good little piece of equipment, but not right for the majority of our readers.

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About the Vapourizers Featured Above

We took the time and spent the money to test more than two dozen vape mods and we trust that the nine we highlighted are excellent choices. Though each has it pros and cons, we found that the VaporFi model was the best overall choice. We considered design, power, price, and reliability when making our decision.

If you’d like to know our thoughts on a different vape mod you’re considering buying, drop us a message using the comment form below!

*Please note that the vape mod prices we’ve listed are accurate as of the date of this post. Pricing may have changed since.