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Forget to charge the battery of your vaping device? The battery life of your electronic cigarette is one more thing to consider before rushing out the door to work and, of course, when making a vape device purchase; along with functionality, practicality, and budget.

It’s easy to get bogged down with all of the jargon when it comes to different kind of vape batteries and how long they last. There is no universal answer for how long your batteries will last. But we’ve made it as simple to understand as possible with impartial advice to help you choose your next vaping device.

There are so many different manufacturers promising to offer the best quality vaping experience to vapers. However, some, such as SMOK & V2 specifically focus on e-cig battery size.

Why Milliampere (mAh) Matters

You’ll usually find that when it comes to vaping device batteries they are measured in mAh. mAh means milliampere per hour. This kind of measure is normally used to describe the charge a battery will hold, or how the device will run before it needs charging. However, when it comes to vaping basing the longevity of the battery in hours doesn’t really work as I’m pretty sure not even the most advanced vapers use their vape pens or mods for one hour straight.

The best way to figure out how long a battery lasts is to consider the amount of puffs you’ll get out of the device before it gives up. Traditional cigarette smokers usually take eight to 12 puffs per lit cigarette. However vaping batteries tend to come in the following sizes:

  1. 650 mAh batteries – 650 puffs
  2. 900 mAh batteries – 800 puffs
  3. 1100 mAh batteries – 1000 puffs

Although the puff to battery size ratio is a general estimation, the longevity of vaping batteries heavily falls down to production quality and how the device is used. Some vapers tend to take longer inhalations than others which will drain the batteries much quicker.

What Affects Battery Life?

There are some vapourizers on the market such as the iTaste VV3.0, the batteries are engineered to be charged up to 300 times and can last up to two days after a full charge. This gives users up to two years’ service before the 800 mAh battery has to be replaced. Generally larger batteries will function for a longer period of time before they need to be replaced. So, when investing in a new vaping device the same old rule of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ definitely applies. It is highly recommended that you make battery size a large part of your investment decision especially for users who are always on the go.

Tips for Prolonging Battery Life

Vape more and charge less by doing these things:

Power Off Your Vapourizer

When your e-cigarette isn’t in use, ensure it’s powered off, most models now come with an auto-turnoff feature, but sometimes these don’t kick in for 15 minutes.

Store in a Cool Area

Store your Vaping Device in a cool area.

Use the Charge Indicator

If your model has a charge indicator, use it to gauge how long your mod or vape pen will last. If you have a 50 percent charge, hold off for another day. The less time the battery is spent with a full charge the better for prolonging the lifecycle of the battery.